Thoughts on comparing the reactions of Sony and Microsoft to getting hacked

I read this article on Mashable comparing the reactions of Microsoft and Sony to the Kinect and PS3 getting hacked. I feel that the comparison isn't quite fair.

  1. Hacking a peripheral device is a different degree of severity (I guess) compared to hacking the main console itself. That said,
  2. Microsoft has gone after a guy who offers to mod 360s for cash which resulted in the prosecutors dropping the case, I assume to prevent the DMCA being tested in court. Granted, I am unable to find an instance where MS went after the guy who actually hacked it, but I think there was less publicity surrounding the hack as well. Which brings me to,
  3. Microsoft's 360 has been hacked from day 1 as far as I can gather. They're probably used to it. The PS3 has just been hacked after 4 years. Sony is probably butthurt that this was not due to their amazing engineering, but rather it was because people simply wasn't interested. Consoles getting hacked quickly was pretty much the assumption then so the 360 being hacked didn't make much of a ripple. The PS3 remained unbroken for 4 years and suddenly being spectacularly cracked open was big news. The publicity that the hack and the hackers themselves were getting probably inflamed Sony even further.
  4. In comparison, who the fuck hacked the 360? This is a good thing, maybe. I don't think they've managed to get to anyone from fail0verflow.

I think Sony is throwing a tantrum. I think MS's decision to release an SDK for the Kinect is good. I think if MS were put in the same situation as Sony, they would react the same way. I think that if you don't want to get taken to court, stay anonymous. I think that getting the case to court is potentially a good thing as it could get issues like the DMCA and who owns hardware I bought sorted out. Geohot is asking for donations for legal funds (first round is closed but there are some good links to read there). I think fuck Sony Entertainment.