And it's November again

So what's new?

  1. I got an actual job. In KL. It's a support type job but I don't have to deal with end users so that's a plus. Yay for me!
  2. Did I mention that the job is in KL? So I'm crashing at my uncle's place. That's nice. Also, a challenge. I'm looking at you 5-year-old boy who shall remain nameless
  3. And due to me being in KL, no PS3 :(

So Ubuntu released version 10.10 last month but I don't think I'll upgrade to it. In fact I am thinking about switching to some other distro. Perhaps a rolling distro so I don't ever have to think of an "upgrade" as a chore that it is right now.

One thing I may have to consider though is that I don't have access to wired internet at the moment and some distros don't have the proper wifi drivers in on the CD. I think I tried sidux some time ago and it needed to grab non-free drivers for my wifi.

Bah, decisions!

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