Fuck off, Paul Masefield

Aaron Ramsey just suffered a horrible injury to his ankle, much like what happened to Eduardo a couple of years ago. Paul Masefield though, said that while it was a bad tackle, there was no "malice" in it, and proceeded to blame Ramsey for being "too fast" What the fuck!

I have a theory, totally not based on experimental data, just general man-on-the-street observations. This is the third time our players got their leg broken after suffering a bad tackle in a game: Eduardo, Diaby, and now, Ramsey. Our list of injured players also seem to be overly long. It seems ridiculous to assume that Arsenal's reputedly excellent network of scouts to somehow miss all these players injury-proneness.

I've often heard it said that Arsenal don't like it when their opposition plays rough, and I believe that the saying has subconsciously (maybe), influenced referees and players. I believe that match officials are more lenient when fouls are committed against our players, and I believe that other teams know they can get away with more when playing Arsenal.

The end result of all this rough play: more wear and tear on our players. It may not show up immediately in dramatic fashion like the injuries to Eduardo, Diaby, and Ramsey but the stress builds up and results in "regular" and "mundane" injuries which we pass off as our players being injury-prone.


MAG: the first week

I have been playing MAG for just over a week now. I couldn't make up my mind about which PMC to join but I settled on Raven GmbH primarily because there seemed to be more of them at the forums I hang out on. Yeah, yeah I succumbed to peer pressure. But really, teamwork is essential in this game. More often than not when joining a game solo, I tend to get put in a squad with a quiet squad leader who doesn't talk or set FRAGOs, or worse: a squad that totally ignores the leader. So yes, I picked a PMC that guarantees me easy 8-man squads.

Well, over the week that we've played we have slowly improved. In the beginning it was hard to win a match as Raven but over the last couple of days we've managed to own Acquisition matches. We still have problems with Sabotage and Domination game modes.

I do have some issues with the clan list interface though. It needs to be sorted by who's online. At the moment I'm not sure how it is done but it's all over the place. Hunting through the clan list looking for who's online is a pain.