Thoughts on MAG open beta

MAG had an open beta-test from the 4th until the 10th. It is supposedly an MMOFPS with huge maps supporting up to 256 players at a time. I participated in the open beta and the first thing that I noticed is that the graphics and sound effects seem to not be up to par with the likes of Modern Warfare 2. I think this is mainly because you have to download the client for the open beta and file sizes needed to be kept low. But, the effect was that the game did not feel as polished as others I could name. Hopefully they ratchet up the audio and graphics quality in the final release.

You have some objectives which you have to defend or capture to win the game. Squad leaders (or is it platoon leaders? I never played as squad leader) can give the order to take or capture an objective, destroy enemy assets, or repair yours. As with any multi-player game, the experience varies but by far I had the most fun when I got into squads that actually work together and use their headsets to actually communicate rather than just to talk trash.

I loved playing Domination. This is the 256-player mode where everything is just plain chaotic. People shoot at you from everywhere, and you've got to defend/destroy bunkers and SAM sites and gates and towers and APCs. It's just plain crazy. And I loved it.

I haven't quite made up my mind which faction I'll join though. I played the beta primarily as RAVEN, but I think I like the menu colour scheme of S.V.E.R. better. Thoughts?


My political compass, January 2010

I thought it'd be a good idea to take the Political Compass test again just to see how I've changed since last year. I managed to misplace the previous result, but I seem to remember it showed me being slightly left-er on the economic scale, and slightly more libertarian, socially.