Catching up — Modern Warfare 2 is awesome, Avatar is awesome

Wow, I really haven't posted in a long time!

Modern Warfare 2 is mostly to be blamed for that — I really got sucked into the online multiplayer. I'm still not much good at it but a shotgun makes up for a lot of skill :p. That took about a month.

Also, last week I went to see Avatar in 3D and it blew my mind. It was simply amazing how much detail was in every frame. I probably could spend hours just watching the office workers do office-y things. It is just that beautiful. Seriously this movie is a must-watch in 3D. It's probably even better on IMAX 3D, but since the nearest IMAX screen is in Bangkok (I hear the one in KL has shut down which is just sad) it's unlikely that I'll ever get a chance to see it.