Lesson from TV: It doesn't pay to become Good

I saw the latest Dollhouse episode just now and it made me feel sad for Topher. Supposedly he is an amoral genius, but he is now starting to have questions about what is right and wrong. This will not end well for him.

Switching your alignment to Good is, ironically, almost never good. Just switching is never enough. You feel the Need to Atone™ for your past misdeeds. This need, if left uncontrolled, can lead you to doing Stupid Things™. Eventually, if your supposed "sins" are perceived to be severe enough, it will Drive You Crazy™.

Switching to Evil on the other hand, is almost always good. You stand to gain obscene amounts of power, and with power comes happiness. The key is of course to Never Overextend™. Learn where the limits of your abilities are and curb your ambition to match. Many who have fallen to Evil failed to observe this simple rule and paid for it.

This is a lesson I learned from many hours of watching TV and movies and I bestow it upon you.

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