I got my copy of Modern Warfare 2!

My copy of Modern Warfare 2 arrived by courier yesterday, and I managed to plow through the campaign in one night. It was on regular though. It was short, but it had plenty of action and twists. I especially loved the part with the snowmobiles. Going downhill felt great!

I tried to get on the PSN to play online, but the Modern Warfare 2 servers were having problems. Lets hope they fix that soon. [UPDATE: It looks like they fixed it. I played for a couple of rounds. I sucked, as usual.]

I tried to play split-screen with my brother but they did that 16:9 split-screen thing instead of just a line down the middle, so the viewing area is really tiny on my 24" monitor. At first it was kind of a problem, but we moved closer and we got over it.

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