Sharing a network connection with a PS3 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Alpha 5

Has this always been in Ubuntu? Was it in Jaunty? I don't know (UPDATE 7/10/2009: Yes this feature is available in Jaunty) but sharing my laptop's internet connection with my PS3 is trivial in Ubuntu Karmic. My laptop connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and I am connecting my PS3 to it using an Ethernet cable. Now, the PS3 does have Wi-Fi but at least in my case it is spotty at best.

How to share a network connection on Ubuntu Karmic Koala?
  1. Right-click the network manager applet. Click on Edit connections.
  2. Select the connection you want to edit. In my case this is "Auto eth0"

  3. Go to the "IPv4 Settings" tab and select the method: Shared to other computers. Click "Apply: and close the Edit connections menu.

  4. On the PS3, under "Network Settings" choose "Internet Connection Settings".
  5. Select "Easy" and let the PS3 set everything to automatic. You can set the specifics if you want, but then you probably won't be reading this :p
  6. Save the settings, and you're done!
I see a large improvement in terms of latency and speed compare to letting the PS3 connect to the wireless access point on its own.

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