Bittorrent on Ubuntu

I am out of ideas trying to get a proper bittorrent client on Ubuntu.

See the thing is: I like rtorrent. It's simple, it's text-only. With some scripts you can even add directory monitoring, queuing and even moving completed torrents to it. What's not to love? I simply can't get it to run through my OpenVPN tunnel though. Because of my ISP, torrents are not really torrents without going through some sort of obfuscation. They're more like drips. And "bitdrips" is just dirty.

I've tried the default bittorrent client on Ubuntu: Transmission, but it feels inadequate to me. I can't queue up multiple torrents and support for things like proxies is weak in my opinion. And Deluge seemed to crash – or at least, become unresponsive – often. I also couldn't get it to use the OpenVPN tunnel. Not reliably at least. I thought it worked for a bit with Deluge but with the unresponsiveness …

So I turned to something that I know for sure worked: Āµtorrent. I know, I know it's not open source, and it's not "Free as in Freedom". Hell it doesn't even run in linux (without wine)! But it works for me.

I would like to go open source with this but I can't seem to get the other clients to work right. Any ideas?

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