Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is bad

I found this video clip through @scriptmunkee on identica.

ACTA apparently allows governments “to access [the content held on a person's hard drive] for no specific reason whatsoever”. If questionable material is found on your device, it may be confiscated, and destroyed. I'd like to ask though: how would they verify ownership of any given file on said device? It is probably easy if I bought all my music through iTunes and I just have to log on to my account to prove ownership. But even that takes some time.

But what if I rip my CDs and they're hundreds of miles away? Do they have the local police go through my CD library at home one by one to verify that I own these songs? And what about free media? It seems pretty likely that unless you have nothing on your device, you're pretty much fucked and you will end up getting a criminal charge laid against you if you're searched.

This is not good.

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