Happy International Day of Blasphemy!

Happy blaspheming, infidels! :D

EDIT: the post felt incomplete without a link to my favourite blasphemous webcomic: Jesus and Mo.


I bat-caved

After saying that Batman: Arkham Asylum is only worth a used buy, I went ahead and bought it anyway. I've always been weak to such temptations.

I blame the multiple times I played the demo, figuring out more Batman-like ways to take out the bad guys. I've lost count of how many ways those last five inmates can get incapacitated :D “What would Batman do?” is the question to ask yourself when you play the game.

Another factor that convinced me to buy the game is the availability of DLCs. The Joker DLC is already available on the Malaysian PlayStation Store. I hope the rest will follow too.


Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is bad

I found this video clip through @scriptmunkee on identica.

ACTA apparently allows governments “to access [the content held on a person's hard drive] for no specific reason whatsoever”. If questionable material is found on your device, it may be confiscated, and destroyed. I'd like to ask though: how would they verify ownership of any given file on said device? It is probably easy if I bought all my music through iTunes and I just have to log on to my account to prove ownership. But even that takes some time.

But what if I rip my CDs and they're hundreds of miles away? Do they have the local police go through my CD library at home one by one to verify that I own these songs? And what about free media? It seems pretty likely that unless you have nothing on your device, you're pretty much fucked and you will end up getting a criminal charge laid against you if you're searched.

This is not good.


Sharing a network connection with a PS3 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Alpha 5

Has this always been in Ubuntu? Was it in Jaunty? I don't know (UPDATE 7/10/2009: Yes this feature is available in Jaunty) but sharing my laptop's internet connection with my PS3 is trivial in Ubuntu Karmic. My laptop connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and I am connecting my PS3 to it using an Ethernet cable. Now, the PS3 does have Wi-Fi but at least in my case it is spotty at best.

How to share a network connection on Ubuntu Karmic Koala?
  1. Right-click the network manager applet. Click on Edit connections.
  2. Select the connection you want to edit. In my case this is "Auto eth0"

  3. Go to the "IPv4 Settings" tab and select the method: Shared to other computers. Click "Apply: and close the Edit connections menu.

  4. On the PS3, under "Network Settings" choose "Internet Connection Settings".
  5. Select "Easy" and let the PS3 set everything to automatic. You can set the specifics if you want, but then you probably won't be reading this :p
  6. Save the settings, and you're done!
I see a large improvement in terms of latency and speed compare to letting the PS3 connect to the wireless access point on its own.


Our second loss. It's confusing, really!

I can't quite process the match Arsenal just had.

We lost 4–2.

Adebayor has revealed himself to be one of the absolute lowest-of-lifes.

Rosicky's back.

That we went behind first and never got the lead is the primary reason we lost in my opinion. Except for the first, every goal we conceded were results of very, very effective counterattacks. And the way we conceded that first goal was painful: a freekick headed onto the post by a blue-shirt but went in off Almunia's face. Painful. After we conceded we sort of tuned out of the game. Sloppy passes, giving away balls cheaply, but the opposition didn't threaten too much then. We ended the first half 1–0 with hardly a shot on target.

Whatever the manager said during the break must have worked well because we started to make the blue-shirt keeper work for his pay. At round the 50th-ish minute, Denilson was subbed out for Rosicky. He seemed to have recovered well. He played the pass that enabled Robin van Persie to score the equalizer.

Things started to get ugly from then on. A certain blue-shirt apparently tried to slam his studs onto van Persie's face. No action was taken by the referee.

We still had a hold on the match though but not for much longer. Twice Clichy was tackled and lost the ball on the attack and our defence failed to cope. And "boom!" we were down 1–3. The third goal annoys me especially. To celebrate, the same blue-shirt who apparently tried to maim van Persie ran across the length of the pitch towards the Arsenal fans. Classy[!]

Then they got another goal through yet another counter attack and we were down 4–1. We kept trying to get more goals though. van Persie had shots saved or came off the bar. Rosicky managed to make it 4–2. But scoring 3 goals in 5 minutes is always going to be difficult.

I guess we played well enough in the second half at least but the fact that we got behind first meant that we were always chasing the game. First, for the equalizer and when we did equalize, for the win. They took advantage of this and scored goals and we have to address it. Also Rosicky is back and both he and van Persie has scored and that looks promising especially in light of the rest of our fixtures this month. Go win the next one!


Bittorrent on Ubuntu

I am out of ideas trying to get a proper bittorrent client on Ubuntu.

See the thing is: I like rtorrent. It's simple, it's text-only. With some scripts you can even add directory monitoring, queuing and even moving completed torrents to it. What's not to love? I simply can't get it to run through my OpenVPN tunnel though. Because of my ISP, torrents are not really torrents without going through some sort of obfuscation. They're more like drips. And "bitdrips" is just dirty.

I've tried the default bittorrent client on Ubuntu: Transmission, but it feels inadequate to me. I can't queue up multiple torrents and support for things like proxies is weak in my opinion. And Deluge seemed to crash – or at least, become unresponsive – often. I also couldn't get it to use the OpenVPN tunnel. Not reliably at least. I thought it worked for a bit with Deluge but with the unresponsiveness …

So I turned to something that I know for sure worked: Āµtorrent. I know, I know it's not open source, and it's not "Free as in Freedom". Hell it doesn't even run in linux (without wine)! But it works for me.

I would like to go open source with this but I can't seem to get the other clients to work right. Any ideas?


I think I'm done fiddling with the blog

So the final URL is blog.qedx.com. I made qedx.com and www.qedx.com redirect here when opened in a browser. I also made it so that both redirect to myOpenID using .htaccess when used as an OpenID. The URLs of the posts made during the past month should also now redirect to their new permalinks.

It's like magic! Did I say I love mod_rewrite?

I'd like to say here that I'll stop fiddling with the blog from now on. Well … I'll stop fiddling with stuff involving URLs and domain names. Maybe …

Why we can't have nice things



gwibber 2.0

My gwibber + pidgin microblogging thingummy

I've used gwibber in the past but because it kept crashing on me, I dumped it for twhirl. The new gwibber 2.0 seems to have fixed that issue. At least, I haven't experienced any crashes so far. Your mileage may vary.

So what's new in 2.0? Well the sidebar thing is new. I prefer this sidebar with trees layout compared to the tabs in the old gwibber. I would run out of space for new tabs, and I don't like to scroll horizontally. It just feels more natural to me to scroll vertically.

Another new thing is the search box up top. When you search for something, a new stream appears under 'Search' in the sidebar. You can also drill down to filter the search results by service. I do have a complaint though: searches take a while to load. This is probably because of my ISP more than any fault of gwibber but it is still a bit annoying. Probably related to this bug.

Closing the sub-streams in the sidebar can get a bit frustrating. Either they take their time to go away, or I'm just not clicking at the right spot most of the time. The icon is pretty big. Ctrl-W works fine though. Does this happen to anyone else?

If you're running Ubuntu you can get gwibber 2.0 by going to the gwibber-daily PPA and follow the instructions there.


It's not the cow, stupid!

Stop making me plant my face in my hands everyday! First, it was our Home Minister defending the so-called "cow-head protestors"

“They are not getting off scot-free. They felt victimised and feel that there is another valid explanation on their part. There was no intention on their part to cause racial divide. They, the organisers, who are sitting left and right of me, didn’t even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration.”
Of course the very next day, he changed his mind!

Those responsible for bringing the head of a cow during the Aug 28 protest at the Selangor state secretariat building should be charged in court, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He ordered the police to proceed with further investigation and take stern action against those responsible.

“The police have identified the individuals involved," he said in a statement Thursday.

And now, Khir Toyo is saying that the whole thing is a "misunderstanding over a stupid animal."

Are they missing the point deliberately or are they just that dense? The main issue here are the protesters threatening violence and bloodshed in the name of their race and religion. The cow's head issue is, while disgusting, also secondary.

By focusing on the animal instead of the gross acts of the people, I think that they are trying to belittle the issue in hopes of sweeping it quietly under the rug. It is insulting that they'd think we'd fall for it.

And then there are the people who think that there are too many Hindu temples in Malaysia.