We got 2 lucky goals. Yay!

I saw Arsenal's game against Celtic this morning. We won 2–0 and the commentators were saying that we were lucky. And we were — nothing wrong with that. The point is we made our luck and got the two goals.The first one was in the first half when Fabregas's free kick got deflected off a ducking Gallas into the goal. The second came when Diaby who just came on as a sub broke free and fed the ball to Clichy who crossed it into the box only for some Celtic dude to put it in the goal. Oh, just watch the video!

And a 2–0 win away in European competition is not to be looked down upon. The centrebacks especially were good. Gallas of course got that goal, but more than once he and Vermaelen made important interceptions in defense. I hope their form continues for a long, long time and I'm very much looking forward to our next game.

I do have one complaint about the Celtic fans though: You'll never walk alone? Seriously? Really guys, find a new song.

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