Move to Blogger

So I moved my blog to Blogger. I had no particular reason other than laziness and cheapness. I originally wanted to move to wordpress.com but they charged US$10 for to point my domain name to my blog there plus it somehow broke my Jabber setup, so I settled on Blogger.

There are a couple of downsides though. One: the permalinks are broken. Two: Comments are lost. But I figured since this wasn't a big giant humongously popular site anyway, nothing of importance would be missed. Also, the comments aren't really lost – they're still on Disqus. I just can't figure out a way to show them on the blog.
OpenID seems to work right, but I think Blogger/Google still uses OpenID 1.1 since I can't add it as a plain OpenID to Facebook at the moment. Again, little was lost.
Other than waiting for DNSs to update the move was relatively painless and I hope some time passes before I get not lazy again.

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