Disappointing result, but we'll get over it

Well, we got handed our first loss of the season. Looking at the bright side: at least it wasn't to a newly promoted side.

It was going so well too. I may be biased but we dominated the first half. We took the lead later on when Arshavin put a beautiful long-ish distance shot pass the keeper. Just before the goal we had a valid penalty claim when some red-shirt clattered into Arshavin in the box but it was not given. Overall we ended the half on a bright note.

The second half too started brightly. Arshavin ran into the box from the left and played the ball to van Persie for a tap-in but it was saved. And then it all went wrong. They got a penalty when a red-shirt fell over Almunia's outstretched arms. I am still not convinced that it wasn't a dive — it looked like he was falling long before there was any contact with Almunia. But apparently a keeper cannot stretch out his arms when trying to take the ball off a player's feet, except for when he can.

1–1 then. Nothing we can't deal with.

But a few minutes later Diaby scored. An own goal. It's bizarre really. Some red-shirt whipped in a ball across the penalty box (was it open play, or freekick? I can't remember) and it looked like he deliberately headed the ball behind him but not high enough to go over the bar. Maybe he misjudged his position, thought he was higher up the pitch, or something. *sigh* And just like that we were behind.

We had chances to level the game but nothing came. And to be fair to Diaby, he tried very hard to make up for his mistake. In the very last minute, we had a van Persie goal ruled out for offside and Arsene was sent off. I am not sure why he was sent off. Maybe he said a bad word that offended the officials' delicate ears. The red-shirt fans were a disgrace though, but that's nothing we don't already know.

Aside from those two moments I believe we were the better side overall. We threatened to score every time we had the ball and defensively we were solid-ish. It got a bit shakier when we went behind but that was always going to happen when you're chasing an equalizer. Diaby needs to get his defending training up though. An own goal like that should never happen again. I am satisfied with our performance but pissed at the result.

Now we've apparently got two weeks of boring internationals to go through and our players will probably come back all injured. Stupid internationals.

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