Batman: Arkham Asylum demo

I downloaded the demo from PSN yesterday and played through it once today. Right off the bat one thing I have to say: The game looks gorgeous. I spent an embarrassing amount of time just staring at Batman.

The combat sort of reminds me of Assassin's Creed. You press □ to attack and △ to counter. Sometimes the game shows the action in slow motion which I totally do not understand why or how. Pretty though. You also have batarangs that you can throw at people. It knocks them out for a few seconds but they can dodge it if they see it coming (I think).

At the core of it though Batman: Arkham Asylum seems to be a stealth game — Batman doesn't use guns and directly facing enemies who have guns is suicide. Luckily he can use grappling hooks to climb up and swing around a room, drop behind enemies and silently take them out. And that's mainly the way I played the demo. It just seems to simple too simple to me and I wonder how they are going the ramp up the challenge as the game progresses. I hope it's not simply by throwing more bodies in your face.

From the scenes after the demo I'm assuming that there will be showdowns with the various supervillains they have as guests at Arkham so I wonder how these boss fights are going to play out. I wish they had a mini boss fight in the demo just to demonstrate that. Maybe just a slightly stronger than average doped up inmate, perhaps? But that didn't have that so I'm just going to have to wonder.

I wasn't really excited about the game before I played the demo and I remain so afterwards.

P.S: Yup, blogging about things you don't really care about. Thats what all the cool kids are doing these days. I tend to gush more about the things I like (or hate) at my identi.ca account.

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