Go see Watchmen

On the 5th of March, I woke up and immediately drove to Penang's Sunway Carnival to catch "Watchmen". I had doubts when I first heard that they were making a "Watchmen" movie and it quickly faded into disinterest as time passed and news about various legal BS came to pass. But one blog post from Wil Wheaton was enough to rekindle my interest and I wasn't disappointed.

I will probably need a disclaimer here: the version that I watched was somewhat cut up by the Malaysian Censorship Board. In my opinion, they were extremely selective with their cuts and took great care to not ruin the movie. As far as I can tell they only cut out some sex scenes and boob shots, a guy getting his arms sawn off, and Doctor Manhattan had a blurry crotch. Of course, I don't actually know what scenes were removed since I haven't seen the original theater release so my opinion may change if I ever get to see it.

The thing I remember most from the movie was the punches: they sound so solid, so satisfying. I don't think I've ever noticed the punching sounds in a movie before. I assume it was a deliberate choice and I love it.

Plot-wise it pretty much follows the comic except for the details of the villain's heinous villainy but in my opinion it makes so much more sense than what it was in the comic (Sorry, Alan Moore! :(). Disclaimer: I haven't read the comic in a number of years so my memory of it is somewhat fuzzy, although I do remember the main plot points, I think.

I loved the movie. Go see it.

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