I am officially excited for Watchmen

Thanks to Wil Wheaton:
I'm not going to discuss specifics, because that would suck for a lot of people, but: PAY ATTENTION, MY FELLOW GEEKS: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

All set for March 6th!

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

A week ago I upgraded my laptop's hard drive, and since I had to reinstall an OS anyway installed an Ubuntu Jaunty daily on it. The installation was painless and straightforward. It went very, very smoothly - somewhat different from the first time I installed Ubuntu on this laptop a year ago (just to be clear, that first time was good too, only now it's better.).

Network set up was easy - much easier than it was under Hardy, as was installing all my familiar apps and settings (apt-get FTW!). My one complaint at the beginning is that compiz somehow got slow. Switching viewports was suddenly very jerky. I would blame my old laptop but it worked just fine in Hardy. So I assumed that it would be resolved in the future, and it did. Compiz now runs even better than I remember it did under Hardy.

Oh, and I also took the chance to use ext4. I don't really notice any difference to be honest but I'm a noob so don't take my word for it. It's apparently going to be standard in the future for Ubuntu so I figured I might as well get a head start.

Overall, I think Ubuntu is getting better each release (I skipped Intrepid, though). Jaunty looks solid and I totally recommend people new to Linux to try it out.


Nostalgia schmostalgia

So after just a bit over 10 years I went back to my high school: MRSM Taiping because my brother is enrolling there. A lot has changed: new buildings, new furnitures, new fences, but not really. New teachers too I assume since I wasn't recognized (and grateful for it). The dorms are pretty much the same as I left it, judging from my brother's. He's not in my old dorm though so I didn't get to see the insides of it so I had to settle for seeing it from the outside. I assume the dorms are pretty much similar (They have a fan in each "room" these days). The dining hall was kind of a surprise though. Some time in the last 10 years they had it fenced up floor to ceiling. They put up this wire mesh fence all around it so it kinda looks like a cage. I wonder what is it for? Probably some primate trouble.


Esperanto in Malaysia?

Last night I got an IM via meebo from one Raquel who is also learning Esperanto and wants to come to Malaysia in the summer with her boyfriend for work. Well, good luck to both of you with that. As I've stated on friendfeed, I don't know how useful Esperanto would be in Malaysia (a search of Esperanto Malaysia has my blog in the top 10 - that is never a good sign :p ), but from your IM I think you'd have no trouble communicating with English speakers here at least.

Anyway, this got me to think about what is the state of Esperanto in Malaysia? Are there people using it? How many? And where? Is there some sort of online presence I could go to? Or even a real brick-and-mortar type thing where people gather? I need to look into this.

Also, I managed to (finally!) do lesson 7 at lernu! so without further ado: